Roman soldiers searching for Christ (Los Espias), Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico

Photography © Florence Leyret Jeune

Viernes santo en Michoacán

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Blusas on blusas (en Uruapan Centro)

Blusas on blusas (en Uruapan Centro)

Centro Historico, Torre Latinoamericana, Museo de Mural Diego Rivera, Estadio Azteca

More exploring in el DF.

Visit to the Museo Dolores Olmedo - the former home of an art patron and wealthy mexican. The museum has various art collections containing Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo pieces. It’s a pretty spectacular former hacienda, and home to xoloscuintles (a breed of dog) and wild peacocks. 

Later I went to the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli which has a pretty spectacular collection of archaeological artifacts from different Mexican cultures.

Final stop, Plaza Garibaldi. Land of mariachi. 

Visits to the Desierto de los Leones and the ex-convento 

Festival de Quinto Sol ceremony in Teotenango.

Last Friday in various archaeological sites across Mexico, there were official gatherings and celebrations to recognize the equinox and indigenous culture and traditions. Visitors dressed all in white with the ultimate goal of “tomar energía.” Leaders and academics from various indigenous communities in the region spoke of the significance of the change in the sun’s position and made statements in Nahuatl and Matlazincas (culture that once inhabited the archaeological zone Teotenango).

Went to a restaurant that was puros chilaquiles. Chilaquiles con cochinita pibil yummm #toluca #chilaquiles

Went to a restaurant that was puros chilaquiles. Chilaquiles con cochinita pibil yummm #toluca #chilaquiles

mama’s visit

It’s been un buen since I’ve last updated the tumblr. It’s hard to believe we’re already in March and I’ve just got three months left as a Fulbright ETA and working in my current placement schools. 

Taking advantage of my placement in México, my mom came for a visit about two weeks ago (I suppose she also wanted to catch up with her daughter as well.. heh). In the few days that she visited Toluca, we fit in a whole lot of touristing, eating, and socializing with the people I’ve met since being here in Toluca. Upon arrival, we headed straight to the pueblo mágico of Valle de Bravo. It was my second trip to Valle and I could visit many times more. It’s a beautiful, colonial town in the mountains about an hour and a half from Toluca. First thing Friday morning, we headed to the monarch butterfly sanctuary.It was an indescribable, totally beautiful experience. Although I’ve heard mention that only half of the usual amount of butterflies arrived to the reserve this year, I found the sheer number of butterflies really incredible. They stack themselves and clump together on trees branches and stumps (see photo above - all the orange stuff is butterflies) and around 1 pm, begin to fly around and head down to the highway to drink water. It was strangely peaceful standing there as the butterflies flew overhead. I could have stood there in silence for an hour or two just watching.A few friends joined us in Valle de Bravo and that night we went on a boat tour of the lake for three hours - drinks, live music, and dancing included. We also made a trip to the Centro de Oración Maranatha in Valle de Bravo. Following Valle, we headed back to Toluca where I gave my mom the grand tour. While in Toluca/Metepec, we made a day trip to Malinalco to check out the exconvento and zona arcaeologica, had dinner with my host family, traversed the extensive tianguis of Metepec, tried garañona at the cantina 2 de abril, and entered more churches than I can count on both hands. I would say overall the trip was a great success.

All visitors are welcome - come to Toluca and say hi! 

Hey haters, Toluca ain’t so bad #toluca #edomex

Hey haters, Toluca ain’t so bad #toluca #edomex

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